Fermented Herbs

There are many different supplements, diets, and cleanses on the market to help to renew the body. Some are healthy, while others are not. A natural way of restoring your body back to a healthier state is by consuming fermented botanical extracts. These gems will cleanse, aid in digestion, and purify your body. Each extract has its own unique set of characteristics to help improve your body and function.

What Are Fermented Herb Extracts?

Fermented herbal extracts are living food. They use unique kefir grains to increases cellular energy, maintain a healthy intestinal tract and restore the villi, and predigest nutrients for easy absorption and utilization. Select the Goddess of Spring whole-food digestive supplement to restore your body, using the power of safe and effective fermented botanicals. Choose the natural essential oil supplements that will give your body the best results possible. Find the best, fermented herbs to soothe your body when you are sick, and help to heal you from the inside out. Each fermented botanical available has it’s own healing benefits; rooibos, for instance, prevents bloating, promotes brain function, boosts the immune system, detoxes the body, promotes healthy gastrointestinal health, and helps to reduce stress. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it fights ulcers, prevents gastrointestinal issues, boosts the immune system, and supports digestion.

Our fermented botanical herbs can help your body feel better from the inside out. The perfect way to renew your body, these oils are easily absorbed into the body, providing healing for the mind, body, and soul. Shop our collection of fermented botanical herbs today!

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