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Good for inflammation!

Posted by Taci, 23rd May 2017

I have arthritis in my knees, and I use St. John's Wort as my carrier oil, blended with Cypress, Frankincense and Black Pepper essential oils. I noticed a big difference after using it daily for 2 weeks!

- Taci

Rose Water

Posted by Leanna, 25th Jul 2018

I love this rose water! I sprayed this on my eyes and got rid of my pink eye in 12 hours. Also, I love how calming it is & helps me feel Harmony Within.

- Leanna

A gentle touch to the room

Posted by Amber, 9th Jul 2018

This is a perfect and gentle addition to any room. It's easy to use and works great. And, it looks like simple decor.

- Amber

Great Carrier Oil

Posted by Linda, 23rd Jan 2017

Using this to make my own blend. Thank you! Product shipped quickly and arrived in perfect shape!

- Linda

a favorite of mine

Posted by Bonnie Walker, 10th May 2016

This is one of my go to guys! I love this brand of wild lavender. I love the smell, it is calming and refreshing. I use it to calm my children, for cuts and burns and even to settle my husband into a good nights rest as he has a very stressful job. Its excellent in a warm bath with epsom salts for a calming restful sleep.

- Bonnie Walker

Best sleep ever with Wild Lavender

Posted by Trish, 22nd Sep 2015

Every now and then I find myself tossing and turning for hours, unable to get a good night sleep. Now, I put a few drops on the bottom of both feet before going to bed and experience a calm, deep sleep. A good nights rest makes a big difference in life... this oil is amazing!

- Trish

Stimulating & Strengthening

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Organic Hemp Seed Oil

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Scientist: Essential oils can usefully complement medicines


Scientist: Essential oils can usefully complement medicines

6th Nov 2023
Ten leading scientists have published a position paper on the topic “Informed use of essential oils”. As it says, essential oils can effectively and usefully complement the treatment of certain diseases with conventional medicines. They are also good for prevention. Because aromatherapy is harm
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Whats the difference between Lavender Extra and Lavender Fine


Whats the difference between Lavender Extra and Lavender Fine

10th Oct 2023
Lavender essential oil comes in various forms and is often categorized by different names, including Lavender Extra and Lavender Fine. These distinctions are typically based on the quality and the specific chemotypes of the lavender oil. The primary differences between Lavender Extra and Lavend
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How to Identify Quality Organic Essential Oils


How to Identify Quality Organic Essential Oils

25th Jul 2022
Identifying Organic Quality : Essential Oils Essential oils have gained popularity over the last few years. As with any lucrative opportunity, many eager prospectors have begun to sell oils that may or may not be the best quality. When it comes to essential oils, you want to use only the best
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Why Quality Is So Important


Why Quality Is So Important

13th Jan 2022
Why the Quality of the products in aroma care is so important - and how you can recognize it When buying or using essential oils or ready-to-use flavoring mixes, it is often not easy to identify differences between products from different manufacturers. How can you tell whether it is rea
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