Living Fermented Herbs

Our certified organic fermented herbs and botanicals are raw, living, whole food extracts that allow the human body to obtain plant nutrients the way nature intended.

We call our herbs "living" because they are fermented, rather than pasteurized.  While pasteurization is meant to kill potential pathogens, it also kills the food it is intended to make safe, robbing you of most of the original health value.  Fermentation, on the other hand, allows the plant and its host of benefits to survive - providing you with a product that is rich in healing minerals, vitamins and nutrients.  Plus, fermenting enhances plants with friendly bacteria, probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants that all work to ward off illness and promote a healthy digestive system.

Each of our fermented botanical and herbal extract offers its own unique characteristics, allowing you to find the perfect match for your specific health needs and goals.

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