Time to restore your energy and protect your health?

The natural world has been holding the answers for centuries…


Wish there was a proven way to boost your entire family’s immunity?


Ready to wave goodbye to the never-ending cycle of coughs and colds?



Living Fermented Immunity Blend Changes Everything 

When you want to boost your immunity and improve your body’s ability to fight off colds and bugs, there’s only one place to start: the gut. Your immune system starts deep within the complex world of your gut, but few of us pay it even the smallest bit of attention. Our mission is to change all that by introducing you to a natural immune booster that allows you to: 


  • Stay healthy all year round so you can go out and have fun 
  • Feel at your best when it matters most without any side effects 
  • Understand what it really feels like to be in alignment with your body



Ancient Wisdom, Modern Technology 

To make our immune booster possible, we’ve reconstituted a kefir grain that was used in ancient times. By combining an ancient fermentation process with cutting-edge technological tools, we can precisely control the processes at every stage. The result is a unique microbial synergy and a potent ferment unlike anything else: 


  • An organic product that improves gut health for stronger immunity the natural way 
  • Finely crafted from living fermented Echinacea, Astragalus, Ginger, and Oregano
  • A natural way to promote respiratory wellness while boosting your immune defense
  • Unique formulation based on selected yeasts and bacteria that work with your body




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