Carrier Oils

Organic Carrier Oils for your body gently deliver the vital nutrients your skin and hair need. Rich in emollients and bio-active substances, they reinforce the skin as a natural barrier. They moisturize, hydrate and protect the skin leaving it soft, silky and supple. For centuries, Carrier Oils-enriched with precious, 100% pure Essential Oils-have been used to massage the body and stimulate the senses. The soothing touch of human hands coupled with the rich, scents of nature's purest plants provide a total body experience.

If essential oils are applied without being diluted first, they can cause irritation or reactions in certain people. Carrier oils help to relieve those effects, diluting essential oils and allowing them to be used without harmful effects. Different carrier oils also offer their own unique therapeutic properties that make them valuable for various types of applications. 

Shop for Primavera organic carrier oil and soothing massage oil for therapeutic body care at Goddess of Spring.

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