Fem Comfort Organic Menstrual Relief Oil


Fem Comfort Natural womanhood feel relaxed throughout your cycle

Life in a woman s body is a very unique journey. There are the bright days when we feel powerful, inspired, and light. And then there are the days of retreat, when we re highly sensitive, selfreflective, and need space to ourselves. The rhythmic waves and undulations of the female cycle keep us in constant movement, both physically and emotionally similar to the tides of the sea. Every month afresh, the body prepares itself to create new life. Like the waxing moon, it approaches the fertile phase in vivid anticipation, yearning to merge in loving communion. If this powerful opening does not result in fertilization, the time of letting go begins, concluding with the cleansing of menstruation. Like the darkness of the new moon, this is the time of rest and introspection before the cycle begins anew.

The sensuously fragrant Menstrual Relief Oil provides a feel-good-moment of individual femininity a precious gift for all heroines and superwomen. Applying the Menstrual Relief Oil provides soothing relief and relaxes body, mind, and soul. In aromatherapy, clary sage essential oil is known to specifically benefit women. It has a balancing effect on hormonal mood swings and physical discomfort. Precious oils of pomegranate seeds and evening primrose provide nurture and smoothing of the skin. 


• May Help with discomfort during menstruation

• Can Balance mood swings

• Offers natural support for PMS/abdominal cramps/irregular cycle

• Can Soothe breast tenderness

• May Harmonize menopausal symptoms

• Provides special body care for dry skin (menopause)



Gently apply onto abdomen, lower back, and inner thighs. Massage into skin in small circles.


ORGANIC CLARY SAGE is known in aromatherapy for specifically benefitting women. Balances and gently alleviates both physical and emotional tensions.

ORGANIC MONK S PEPPER is physically and emotionally relaxing and supporting during your cycle

ORGANIC YLANG-YLANG COMPLETE is very soothing and relaxing, creating a sense of warmth and coziness. Helps you to reconnect with yourself.

ORGANIC ROSE GERANIUM regenerates the skin. Its balancing qualities support women of all ages.


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