The articulation of the joints with medicinal-green scent profile based on organic St. John's Wort oil nourishes and revives the skin. Mobilizing massages and rubs can help to restore mobility to stressed joints. The joint well-rubbing acts thereby supportive.

100% pure natural wintergreen oil is known in Aromatherapy as soothing muscle and joint oil and supports the analgesic effect of a massage.

Joint pain originates from a variety of causes: overwork or exercise, rheumatism, arthritis, general inflammatory processes or even injuries. Common to all causes is that they lead to more or less severe pain and thus adversely affect the body feeling and limit mobility. Selective rubs and short massages relieve the pain and are effectively supported when supplemented with the plant power of 100% pure natural essential oils and organic care oils. The joints are mobilized with a massage and the mobility and resilience is improved.

TIP:  Before use, moisturize the affected joints generously with Immortelle water and then massaging the joint well acute rubbing. The soothing properties of the immortelle water enhance the effect of acute rubbing. In addition, the oil combines with the water during the rubbing to a spontaneous emulsion and thus absorbs very quickly.

INGREDIENTS: St. John's wort oil * organic, wintergreen * organic, marjoram * organic, rosemary camphor * organic, ginger * organic, natural vitamin E dissolved in sunflower oil * organic, LIMONENE **, LINALOOL **, CITRAL **, GERANIOL **

* organic / org = controlled organic cultivation 
** natural ingredients 100% pure natural essential oils

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