This blend is warming and invigorating for tired, overworked muscles.  It relieves muscle aches, cramps and strains.

The muscle oil with medical-green fragrance profile based on valuable organic arnica and organic St. John's wort oil cares for the skin after physical activities such as sore muscles and tension. In conjunction with a massage, the muscles are relaxed and regenerated. The blood circulation is stimulated and it develops a pleasant heat effect.

100% pure natural wintergreen oil is known in Aromatherapy as soothing muscle and joint oil and supports the analgesic effect of a massage.

The physical capacity and endurance - be it in everyday exercise or in competitive sports - stands and falls with the balance between stress and recovery. The body can only build up its capacity if a conscious regeneration phase takes place after physical exertion or the respective training session. That does not mean, however, resting on the sofa motionless. Only an actively designed regeneration phase ultimately leads to success. The right training plan or conscious change between physical activity and rest, healthy nutrition and active recovery measures play an important role. An active recreational activity is, for example, an aromatherapy massage to support muscle regeneration and to relieve possible tension.

  • ST. JOHN'S WORT OIL - proven massage oil for tense muscles and aching joints
  • ARNICA OIL  - a massage with arnica oil stimulates the skin circulation and prevents tension
  • WINTER GREEN BIO - warming joint and muscle oil, alleviating muscle soreness, muscle strain, muscle tension
  • JUNIPER BIO - traditional medicinal plant for muscle disorders
  • PEPPER BIO - proven essential oil for circulation-enhancing massages


TIP: Take the muscle well active oil bio after the sport with the shower and massage the oil directly after the shower on the wet skin with gentle pressure and circular movements in the stressed musculature. The oil combines with the water during the massage to a spontaneous emulsion and thus absorbs very quickly. Then gently pat dry the skin with a towel. 

INGREDIENTS: St. John's wort oil * organic, arnica oil * organic, wintergreen * organic, juniper * organic, pepper * organic, natural vitamin E dissolved in sunflower oil * organic, LIMONENE **, LINALOOL **, CITRAL **, GERANIOL **

* organic / org = controlled organic cultivation 
** natural ingredients 100% pure natural essential oils

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Really Helps Heal & Relieve Pain

I experience a lot of constant all-over body aches & pain, especially in my joints. This blend really helps reduce pain & discomfort. I’m so grateful for it! ;))
Posted by Sandy, 28th Jun 2019

Muscle aches and pains

I LOVE THIS OIL!!! This is so nice to have around for any type of muscle aches and pains. Because of the arnica it is also wonderful for sprains, pulled muscles, strains, major bruising, etc. It feels and smells wonderful!
Posted by Aleesha, 22nd Aug 2018