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Aroma Moment for Creativity

Do it yourself (DIY) a trend that makes you feel happy.  Explore your own creativity, create something yourself and be amazed at the result.  An experience that reminds you of your childhood.  Reflect on a time when there were no limits to your imagination and creativity and you yourself were the master of design.  Bring sustainability and creative energy into your life, discover the joy of DIY and conjure up your own fruity-fresh scented bam for soft lips.  This DIY kit contains everything you need for a successful result.

Leading plants & effect

  • Shea butter organic natural, raw shea butter protects dry, brittle house. It has a moisture-preserving, moisturizing, soothing and smoothing effect.
  • Apricot kernel oil organic The oil revitalizes the skin and maintains its elasticity. Particularly effective for sensitive, dry skin. Supports cell renewal, stimulates skin metabolism and tightens the tissue.
  • Orange organic The fresh-sweet organic orange oil is obtained by lime pressing and is known for its skin-soothing skin effect.
  • Litsea organic The Litsea oil organic is obtained by steam distillation and has a fresh-citrus-like fragrance.



Shea butter organic 20 ml
Apricot kernel oil organic 10 ml
Orange organic 2 ml
Litsea organic 2 ml

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Height 5.50
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