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We all want to be held, seen and loved. When we focus our attention on ourselves during mindful rituals, we can sense what is good for us and what we need most.

Sleep Comfort Organic Pillow Mist
Besides air, water, and food, sleep is one of the most important pillars of health. Getting enough good-quality sleep is essential to the long-term health of body, mind, and soul. Sleep not only rests the body, but also enables the brain to subconsciously process the day ́s events and reinforce new information. This makes it even more important to get a good night ́s sleep. But often our minds are in a whirl, preventing us from nodding off.
The comforting blend of 100% natural essential oils helps you to forget everyday stress and relax. Lavender essential oil relaxes, calms the senses, and promotes healthy sleep. Neroli essential oil relieves tension and helps create a sense of balance and security. Warm, comforting vanilla extract creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere. Formulated as a handy pillow mist, the Sleep Therapy fragrance blend not only supports restorative sleep at home, but also promotes relaxation and coziness when sleeping in a strange bed.

Relaxing Hand Cream
Discover a feel-good world and immerse yourself in sensual fragrance. Experience body care straight from nature that touches your senses and has a long-lasting effect. The Relaxing Hand Cream ́s nourishing formula nurtures hands with the pure plant power from Organic Inca-Inchi Oil, Organic Wild Himalayan Cherry Oil, and Organic Cupuacu Butter. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, moisturizes, and fortifies the skin ́s natural barrier. Massaged gently into the hands, it keeps skin intact and nourishes intensively with natural Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids. Experience a comforted skin feel and immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrance of velvety Vanilla and calming Lavender.


Sleep Comfort Organic Pillow Mist:

  • ORGANIC LAVENDER relaxes and promotes healthy sleep

  • NEROLI relieves tension and helps create a sense of balance and security

  • ORGANIC VANILLA is calming and creates a harmonious, comforting atmosphere 

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