Aroma moment for playtime


Aroma Moment for Playtime!

Playing means discovering life with your senses.  Create carefree playtime where children can discover dream worlds, have adventures or become little artists.  The fresh Playtime aroma brings even more joy into play.

Felt charms Tara cat

The felt tag made of 100% natural wool felt (Merino sheep's wool) brings Tara Tatzen to play with children. Ideally suited as a fragrance carrier for essential fragrance mixtures.

Key plants & effect

  • Litsea The essential oil comes from the fruits of an evergreen tropical tree. Its fresh citrus scent creates a happy, carefree atmosphere.
  • Frangipani The flowers of the frangipani, also called West Indian jasmine, serve as a festive headdress in Bali. Their harmonizing scent stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Orange scented orange spreads a good mood, cheers you up and gives you serenity. The essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit by cold pressing.
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