Acute Lip Gel

Protecting & Soothing

This Lip Acute Gel was specially developed for the care of irritated lips and corners of the mouth. On delicate lip skin, it forms a cooling and protective film, which regenerates the skin and relieves feelings of tension, tingling or itching. The center of lip care forms soothing lemon balm water. Combined with protective licorice root extract, pleasantly cooling essential spearmint oil and strengthening cistrose oil, damaged lip skin is intensively cared for and soothed.

Leading plants & effect

  • SPEARMINT BIO - Spearmint oil gives a pleasantly cooling freshness, especially when feeling tension.
  • LABDANUM BIO - The antibacterial cistros oil has soothing, wound healing, astringent properties. The oil gives warmth to the soul, strengthens the personality and gives balance.
  • MELISSA WATER - With similar effects to the essential melissa oil. It supports the regeneration of the skin with special lip irritation.

Active ingredients

  • SWEETWOOD ROOT EXTRACT ORGANIC - Has a protective and regenerative effect. The effectiveness-determining ingredients of the liquorice root include above all the triterpensaponins contained with the main component glycyrrhizic acid.
  • ALOE VERA BIO - Has cooling, skin-soothing and itching-reducing properties and moisturizes stressed skin a lot.
  • ZINC PCA - Many enzymes of the skin depend on zinc as a central element. It is not the element zinc that works, but zinc ions, as they occur in salts and compounds of zinc. As an antioxidant, zinc PCA protects against the degradation of collagen by UV rays and moisturizes.
  • SORBITOL - Obtained from the fruits of rowan (birdberry). Sorbitol is able to hold water molecules on the surface on the skin and serves as a humectant.

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