6 Benefits of Fermented Herbs

Adding fermented plants into your health regime can be a great way to deal with a current health concern, to use as preventative care to ward off future problems, or simply to maintain your general wellbeing.  We covered what fermentation is and its uses in a past blog, but here are the highlights of the benefits of fermented herbs and botanicals.

  • 1.  They Address Your Health Issues.  Long before the production of lab-created medicines, humans relied on plants to ease their various health symptoms and discomforts.  For example, White Willow bark was used as early as 500 B.C. to treat pain and fevers.  Turmeric has a long history in the Ayurvedic tradition for fighting rheumatism and inflammation.  Plus, plants are often free from side effects or toxin, making them safe to use long-term (though it’s still always a good idea to check with your doctor).
  • 2.  Probiotics Make For Cleaner, Healthier Guts.  The fermentation process enhances herbs with probiotics and friendly yeast that detoxify your body and keep you clean as a whistle and regular as a military clock.  Perhaps not the most delicate of subjects, but a well-functioning digestive system is critical to your overall health.
  • 3.  Improve Your Everyday Vitality.  Fermented herbs keep your body shipshape by giving a boost to your immune system to ward off disease, detoxify your body to get rid of nasty toxic build-up, and support serotonin production to lift your mood.  The result is the energy and focus to accomplish life.
  • 4.  Bulk Up On Antioxidants.  Antioxidants are molecules that bind with free radicals to prevent cellular damage in the body.  Extensive cellular damage, or oxidative stress, has been linked to our nastiest diseases, including cancer and auto-immune dysfunction.  Plants are naturally full of antioxidants, and are the best way to make sure you get enough of these preventative elements.
  • 5.  Fermented Herbs are “Living” Plants.  Fermentation keeps herbs alive, and thus their nutrients available, for a longer amount of time.  Plants don’t simply die upon being harvested - think about tomatoes that continue to ripen after being picked. The Kefir grain-based fermentation process we use preserves a plant’s life for up to 2 years.
  • 6.  Increased Plant Bioavailability.  Fermenting increases the benefits plants have to offer by breaking down their sugars, making them easier to absorb and put to use in the human body.

Additionally, all our living fermented herbs are organic, natural and free of synthetic chemicals to keep our plants clean and healthful.  What can we say?  We love being part of a tradition that uses nature as a way to make life better.