Living Fermented Herbs: Optimizing Health Through Plants

We offer a wide array of organic living herbs and botanicals that provide a natural way to infuse plants with extra healing potential and balance your digestive system to boot.  This true-to-nature goodness is made possible by the process of fermentation, a traditional way of preparing foods that allows plants to retain their living integrity, unlocks their true potential and adds a dose of probiotics to cleanse your body and restore vitality.

                                                       Fermentation Basics

Fermentation has actually been around for ages, but has become less popular over the years as the mainstream western diet has come to place more importance on convenience, high-yield production and corporate interest rather than pushing nutrition and value.  But we believe that fermentation is a fantastic way to preserve a plant’s initial properties as wells as infuse it with extra antioxidants, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Our living herbs are created using Kefir grains, an ancestral way of fermenting foods.  Kefir grains, even in our modern age, cannot be synthetically made or manufactured – meaning they’re real, natural and GMO-free.  Plus, our herbs are fermented without the use of high temperatures, pasteurization or chemical solvents that would otherwise “kill” the plant.  What all this means, is that you get a living product that ensures:

  • Increased Solubility.  Kefir breaks down the sugars naturally present in plants, making the plant’s nutrients easier for the human body to absorb and process.
  • Intensified Bioavailability.  Fermenting unlocks the potential of plants that would otherwise be insoluble.
  • Added Probiotics.  Finally, fermenting adds friendly microbes, yeast and bacteria that contribute to intestinal balance.                                                                   

Interestingly, this last point - the addition of friendly critters - is a big player in what makes our herbs so useful.  As it turns out, a happy, balanced digestive system has a profound impact on your overall wellbeing.

                                              What Probiotics Bring to the Table

Boost Your Immune System.  You’d never think of it, but the majority of your immune system is located in your guts. Probiotics support a strong GI tract, the lining of which prevents any toxic material you ingest from leaving your digestive system and entering your bloodstream.  A healthy GI tract also enables your body to absorb more nutrients from food consumed, making your body stronger and more likely to fight off disease.  When your GI tract is weakened, your nutrition is poorer, as is your ability to ward off illness.

Serotonin Production.  Another surprising function of friendly bacteria is the effect they have on your mental fitness. Your gut produces more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects your mood, than does your brain.  Low serotonin levels can cause anxiety, insomnia and depression.  On the other hand, a balanced intestinal tract will stabilize serotonin levels, meaning that having a healthy digestive system can literally make you happier!

Detoxification.  The probiotics added during fermentation draw out toxins, free radicals and heavy metals from your body and push them through your digestive system via the process of elimination.  It’s a simple concept, but allowing toxins to build up, rather than rid yourself of them, can wreak havoc on your body, causing any number of unpleasant maladies and illnesses that can manifest anywhere in your body.

Increased Energy.  More and more evidence supports the concept that a balanced digestive system strongly contributes to a healthy, functioning body.  Good health grants us the ability to stave off lethargy and have the vitality to accomplish the tasks of everyday life.


                                              Choosing the Fermented Herb For You

Ready to put all this information to the test and pick your new favorite supplement?  We carry a pretty big selection (and we love them all), so it can be a tough choice.  However, each fermented herbal and botanical extract we provide has its own unique profile outlined in its product description, so you can align your needs with the right plant.  For instance, if you’re looking for liver support, you might want to consider Burdock.  Or, try Garlic to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Of course we’re always happy to help you decide if you need a little guidance – just ask!