Nourishing body spray refreshes and has a balancing effect. Valuable organic plant water pampers the skin and senses. The fresh floral fragrance of 100% pure essential oils pampers the senses and gives serenity. The essential oil of clary sage has a holistic relaxing effect and is known in aromatherapy as women's oil.

Hot flashes are perceived by many women as one of the most stressful side effects in the menopause. The heat spurts that occur several times a day are not only physical challenges that are often associated with profuse sweating, but also psychologically stressful for many women. The exact organic cause of hot flashes is still not scientifically clarified, but it can be observed that they increasingly occur in stressful situations and under tension. The hot flash spray not only cools and refreshes, but also ensures psychological balance with selected essential oils.

A balanced mixture of valuable organic plant water from rose, clary sage, sage and peppermint forms the nourishing basis of the cooling hot flash spray. Enriched with 100% natural essential oils from clary sage, Damascus rose and bergamot, the fine-scented spray mist envelops the skin, soothes the senses and provides balance in the event of hormonal fluctuations in mood.

  • MUSKATELLERSALBEI BIO the woman's oil in aromatherapy. Has a balancing effect and provides gentle relief from cramps - also on a psychological level
  • ROSE ABSOLUTE valuable flower oil that has a strong mood-enhancing and balancing effect
  • BERGAMONT BIO tart, fresh scent that gives lightness and joie de vivre even in psychologically stressful situations
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