Vetiver Bourbon aged

Vetiveria zizanoides

Discover the allure of Vetiver, a lush tropical grass boasting fragrant roots originating from Asia. Cultivated across various countries, Vetiver is renowned for its remarkable ability to combat soil erosion, thanks to its extensive root system delving up to 3 meters deep. In Asia, artisans craft scented wickerwork and mats from these aromatic roots, adding a touch of exotic elegance to living spaces. Embrace the rich essence of Vetiver as it finds its place in incense blends and perfumery, lending depth and longevity to fragrances. Beyond its olfactory charm, Vetiver holds therapeutic value in naturopathy, renowned for its efficacy in addressing skin concerns and soothing nervous tension. Experience the multifaceted benefits of Vetiver, a timeless treasure from the heart of nature.  Aged for over 30 years.

Fragrance: Base note

Fragrance profile: earthy, woody

Fragrance theme: Relaxing, grounding

Skin effect: Acne, oily skin, soothing, skin-soothing, regenerating, skin-caring, mature, demanding skin


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Height 2.25
Depth 0.75


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