This Protective Blend serves as preventive care during the cold season and supports the body's own immune system.

Protective Blend is a combination of power-oils Oregano, Thyme Thymol, and Ravitsara, together with Orange.  This Power Concentrate is intended to provide support for the immune system and can be used for example in a Cold Weather Barrier Balm or other useful blends that provide support year round.  The Protective Blend is truly a multifunctional product that can be individually adapted to situation as they arise.  To create helpful and soothing blends, always dilute with a carrier oil first before applying.

For protection around the nose it can be mixed into Shea Butter to create a Cold Weather Barrier Balm or mixed with another carrier oil to create a nose oil.  It helps to keep your feet warm as a regular foot rub, mixed with warming Seasame or St. John's Wort oil.  Alternatively,it can be a real power booster when used in a regularly performed, rising foot bath or even in a full bath.  


Protection against cold cream
Applied around the nose, protects the skin during the cold season
. Slowly heat (do not heat) 25 g shea butter in a water bath until it melts. Allow to cool slightly, then add 10 drops of Protection Mixture Power Concentrate and stir well. Leave to cool in the fridge so that the shea butter retains its suppleness. Apply the cold protection cream around the nose and on the cheeks. The anhydrous cream can also be used as a foot cream.
After mixing, the mixture should be used within 6 months.

Rub for feet, chest and neck
Provides warmth and well-being, supports the body's own defenses
Mix 8-10 drops of the protective mixture with 50 ml of St. John's wort oil. Massage your feet, chest or neck every morning and evening.

"Power" footbath for an ascending footbath according to Kneipp
Prevention during stressful times, activates the body's own defenses
Drop 10 drops of protection mixture power concentrate into a screw-top jar and swirl. Then fill up with 200 g sea salt, screw tight and shake well. Use 1 tablespoon of this mixture for a warming foot bath.

This is how the ascending foot bath works according to Kneipp:
A good time for the ascending foot bath is before going to bed. Mix 1 tbsp of bath salt protective blend in a special foot bath or bucket with warm water (about 33 degrees). In any case, the ankles should be covered with water, the more leg that is also covered, the better. Submerge both legs in the foot tub in the water. Keep adding hot water (be careful not to burn your legs) so that the water reaches a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. Carry out the foot bath for about 20 minutes and then dry your feet well and rub them with body oil or organic care oil. Now enjoy the rest while lying down and relax with your legs elevated.

Power Shower
Add up to 40 drops of Protection Mixture Power Concentrate to 200 ml of neutral shower balm. Breathe consciously while showering and mentally mobilize your own defenses. Ideal to combine with contrast showers or other Kneipp treatments.

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