Peeling Gel - Deeply Cleansing & Renewing



Exfoliates and renews the skin

A true declaration of love to our skin and our very individual beauty.

It caters to the needs of every skin type and has a visibly refreshing effect thanks to its unique composition of natural plant powers, organic cucumber seed oil and citrus accords with fresh mint. It gently and at the same time effectively exfoliates the skin with olive stone granules and jojoba pearls, gently removes excess skin cells and thus ensures a radiant, younger appearance and a skin that feels soft to the touch. The all-natural PRIMAVERA Peeling Gel - Deeply Cleansing & Renewing is natural facial care at its finest - gently foaming and sensually scented.

  • Citrus accords with mint: With their fresh scent, they ensure a pleasant, soothing cleansing ritual.
  • Organic Cucumber Seed Oil: Obtained from the dried seeds of the fruit by cold pressing. It is rich in nutrients that gently nourish and strengthen the skin.
  • Organic witch hazel water: Is particularly suitable for skin care and also has a refreshing effect. It clarifies the skin, tones, soothes and refines the complexion.
  • Organic chamomile extract: Makes the skin feel soft to the touch and is particularly helpful for impure skin.
  • Organic olive stone granules and jojoba pearls: ensure a natural, gentle and gentle peeling effect. Also for dry and sensitive skin.

Apply a small amount slowly with circular movements to clean, damp facial skin once or twice a week. Avoid eye area. Rinse with warm water. To prepare for care.

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