The innovative Eye Cream is the fragrant secret of timeless radiance. A natural eye cream with a unique texture for demanding skin that has a visible and lasting brightening, smoothing and lifting effect. It is the loving combination of naturalness and effectiveness, the mindful encounter with ourselves and nature. With its fragrant and powerful plant power composition of kahai oil in combination with jasmine and hawthorn extracts, the PRIMAVERA Eye Cream - Brightening gently reduces dark circles and wrinkles. It creates lasting, strongly defined eye contours in a completely natural way and ensures youthful freshness and radiant moments with pure plant power.

  • Kahai oil: This valuable oil is ideal for the care of mature and demanding skin and ensures that the skin feels relaxed.
  • Jasmine and hawthorn extract: The pure plant power of this extract helps to gently define the eye contours and thus ensures radiant moments.
  • Organic Camellia Seed Oil: Soothes and strengthens the skin. It also gives the skin suppleness and a protective shell.
  • Magnolia extract: The magnolia is a small tree native to Asia, the magnolia extract is obtained from its bark. The ingredients magnolol and honokiol have an antioxidant effect and ensure a youthful, fresh appearance.
  • Vegetable hyaluronic acid (high and low molecular weight): Binds water to a large extent, the skin appears more radiant, fresher and more balanced.

Size: 15ml

Skin type:  Demanding skin

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