The liberating and invigorating scent of eucalyptus, spruce needle and peppermint is always included in the practical stick - Aromatherapy to go.

A conscious and deep breathing is an important part of health and well-being. Controlled and deep breathing strengthens the immune system and thus contributes to health maintenance. Especially in the cold season, the preventive care of the respiratory system is very important to be able to breathe deeply even at low temperatures. 100% pure natural essential oils of eucalyptus, spruce needles and peppermint stimulate deep breathing, release and strengthen. In the practical nose free stick, the fine fragrance can be taken anywhere and is ready for use at any time. With a deep breath, while the stick is held directly under the nose, the essential oils enter the respiratory tract and the liberating effect is immediately noticeable. Body, mind and soul are refreshed and strengthened.

In the sealed bag, the essential oils in the stick are protected against environmental influences, can not escape and you always get a fresh product with at least 12 weeks of scent effect.

Since the breathe easy stick, especially in the cold season where there's generally a strong bacterial load application, we have decided for reasons of hygiene deliberately against a refillable product packaging.

EUKALYPTUS GLOBULUS BIO stimulates deep breathing and strengthens
PEPPERMINT BIO invigorates body, mind and soul and refreshes

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