Rose Essential Oils

Here at Goddess of Spring we sell SEVEN different bottles of Rose essential oils. You might be wondering “Why are there seven different kinds of Rose essential oils and what one is best for me?!”. Hopefully after reading this you will have a greater understanding of Rose essential oils and which one is best for you!

There are three different varieties of Rose; Rose Damascus, Rose Gallica, and Rose Bourbon.

According to historians the first Rose Damascus were cultivated in Persia, and are a hybrid between Rose Gallica and Rose Phoenicea (a wild rose native to the Persian region). Damask Roses are unique in that they are taller and their shrubs are looser. Their perfume is classic old rose with a hint of Lemon.

Rose Gallica are thought to be the oldest of all the antique roses dating back to Greek and Roman times. They are unique in their deep coloring and intense scent.

Another hybrid is Rose Bourbon which is a combination of Rose Damascus and Rose Chinensi. These were grown by the residents of the Ile de Bourbon who liked to grow both kinds of Roses around their dwellings. With assistance only from bees and other pollinators, a new variety was created. This hybrid was brought to King Louis Philippe who raised a seedling he named “Rosier de l’Ile de Bourbon” which is how it got its name today. These roses unite the old and the new and therefore combine wondrous colors with fragrant petals that blossom from early summer through fall.

Rose is a powerful essential oil and is used for much more than just its incredible scent! We use it here at Goddess of Spring for spiritual elevation and creating an inspiring atmosphere. It opens the heart and helps soothe feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety. It also has proven to help treat depression and particularly postpartum depression.The journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice recently published a study where women suffering postpartum depression were given 15 minute sessions of a 2.5 percent solution of rose and lavender oil aromatherapy twice a week for four weeks. The results were outstanding and the women claimed that they not only felt their depression decrease significantly but their anxiety as well! Rose essential oils are incredible for the skin as well! They not only make your skin products smell heavenly but also have excellent emollient, softening, and hydrating properties. Another incredible benefit is that it balances the uterus which helps menstruation, ovulation, and relieves menstrual cramps and bleeding. 

There are two different ways to create essential oils from roses, Hexane Extraction and Steam Distillation.

Hexane Extraction is achieved through the grinding the flower. The ground flower is then combined with hexane petroleum which releases the oils. The petroleum is then “flashed off” by heating the oil in a sealed chamber. This process leaves virtually no detectable levels of the petroleum in the oil.

Steam Distillation is achieved by steam breaking through the flower to remove its volatile constituents. The volatile constituents rise up as vapor and is collected and cooled back into liquid form. The liquid is then collected and the essential oil is siphoned off the top (as the liquid is a combination of oil and water).

Below you will find outlines of all the Rose essential oils we provide here at Goddess of Spring with their Rose variety, how they were created, and what their benefits are..