Fragrances against winter blues and cabin fever

Through their stimulating and stress-reducing effects, essential oils can do a lot to improve our quality of life. Regular use also promotes resilience.

We recommend the fresh and tangy oils of orange, lemon and lime to anyone who is currently suffering from quarantine blues, winter depression or cabin fever while working from home:

“Citrus scents are the mood cannons among essential oils. Through the short route via the nose, they reach the central nervous system directly. There they support the release of corresponding neurotransmitters and thereby increase our well-being.”
Anusati Thumm, aroma expert and seminar leader at PRIMAVERA

Lemon essential oil is considered to brighten the mood, activate and promote concentration. It helps to overcome lows and strengthen inner drive. The oil also has a strong antiviral and antiseptic effect. Due to its ingredients and its fresh scent, lemon oil can be used in many ways, for example for scenting rooms or in homemade care mixtures.

Orange essential oil is one of the most popular oils around. The warm, fruity-sweet scent has an uplifting, mood-enhancing and at the same time relaxing and anxiety-relieving effect. It is also often used to scent rooms.

The lime is considered the greener and more tangy “sister of the lemon”; its scent is somewhat tarter. Due to its high proportion of furocoumarin, lime oil is a real “bringer of light”. Furocoumarins have a strong uplifting, stimulating and strengthening effect and brighten the soul even in dark phases, such as winter-related depressive moods.

PRIMAVERA fragrance devices

All citrus oils mentioned can be used alone or in mixtures to scent rooms. There are various solutions available for this: from candle-powered fragrance lamps to electric diffusers and modern fragrance fountains.

The correct dosage is important. The rule applies: less is more. Depending on the size of the room, no more than 10 drops of the essential oil should be used. Alternatively, the scent can be applied to the skin via a roll-on together with a care oil and “sniffed” there.


Ready-to-use products are particularly practical and bring the power of natural essential oils into everyday life in no time. For example, the Good Mood Fragrance Roll-On organic , with which joy of life and lightness are always at hand. The stick contains orange, lime and lemon and can be applied to the neck, temples or wrist.

The Lebenslust organic room spray brings motivation and new lightness into every room with grapefruit, spearmint and lime with every spray.

The Feelings of Happiness shower balm with lemon, tonka and organic hemp seed oil ensures a well-groomed and cheerful start to the day.