Body Butter, 150ml


Indulge in the allure of pure sensuality with our All Love body butter. Immerse yourself in a unique body care ritual crafted from the finest organic ingredients: cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, and orange blossom water. After your shower or bath, apply it gently to your skin and massage it in. You'll be delighted as it lavishes your skin with the nourishing power of nature, leaving you with a luxuriously soft sensation.

 Experience the harmonious, sensual scents of organic rose and mandarin, delicately surrounding you, and infusing pure joy and lightness into your day. All Love body butter offers a soft, tender touch to your skin, creating a fragrant sense of well-being that resonates through both body and mind.

  • Organic cocoa butter: increases the skin's moisture capacity and supports its regeneration.
  • Organic cupuacu butter: The particularly nourishing cupuacu butter makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Organic orange blossom water: Smells delicately floral and soothes the skin and senses. It also refines the complexion and is beneficial for reddened skin.
  • Organic rose oil: Particularly skin-care, it promotes cell renewal. The rose aroma ensures inner harmony.
  • Organic mandarin oil: The scent has a mood-lifting and refreshing effect.
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