In the Scented Advent Calendar 2018, a different scent experience awaits you every day. Discover the world of essential oils with the Scented Advent Calendar - you get 17 essential oils, 6 different fragrance blends and 2 organic care oils. The attached brochure offers you daily new tips and recipes.

100% all-natural organic care oils

For pure use or as a base for mixing with essential oils

Aloe vera oil organic 10 ml moisturizing
Almond oil bio 10 ml well tolerated, protective
100% all-natural essential oils
Essential oils are used as aroma care and are always applied diluted on the skin. Mix with essential oils various facial and body oils, massage oils and bath products. Please always note our dosage recommendations.
Blood orange bio 5 ml fruity, fresh, warm, sweet; top note encouraging, balancing, good mood oil
Douglas fir organic 1 ml clear, fresh, with citrus notes; Head Heart Note promoting concentration, invigorating
Eucalyptus citriodora bio 1 ml fresh, citrusy, mild; top note clarifying, refreshing, cleansing
Spruce needles Siberian 1 ml fresh, woody, spicy, green; Head Heart Note strengthening, cleansing
Grapefruit organic 1 ml sparkling, fresh, fruity; top note refreshing, concentration-enhancing, awake-maker
Lavandin bio 1 ml fresh, herbaceous, bright, clear; heart notes balancing, refreshing, cleansing
Lavender fine demeter 5 ml fresh, herbaceous, mild; heart notes balancing, relaxing, medicine chest, first aid oil, sleep promotion
Litsea bio 1 ml fresh, bright, citrusy; top note mood-raising, refreshing
Marjoram bio 1 ml spicy, warm, herbaceous; Head Heart Note relaxing, warming, soothing, relaxing
Tangerine red 1 ml fresh, fruity, sweet, sunny; top note mood-lifting, relaxing, children's favorite
Mimosa Absolue 15% 1 ml flowery, sweet, warm; heart notes consoling, balancing, enveloping, soothing in case of overburdening and sadness
myrrh 1 ml bittersweet, deep, balsamic; base notes balancing, cleansing, meditation
Geranium geranium 5 ml warm, rosy, flowery; heart notes balancing, regenerating, sensual, beauty oil, women oil, balance oil
Tonka extract 1 ml warm, sweet, bitter almond note; base notes amusing, warming, soul-comforter
Frankincense arabic 1 ml resinous, sweet, balsamic; base notes cleansing, balancing, for meditation, skin pats
Cedar bio 1 ml woody, warm, balsamic; Heart basic note balancing, stabilizing, stimulant
Lemon bio 1 ml fresh, sparkling, clear; top note refreshing, concentration-enhancing, activating, freshness kick
100% natural scented mixtures
For use on fragrance carriers, in the nebulizer, in the fragrance lamp for room scenting
Angels 1 ml flowery, sweet, warm harmonizing and enveloping
Atmewohl 1 ml fresh, eucalyptus-like liberating, invigorating, to breathe deeply
Ride fit 1 ml sparkling, fruity invigorating, promoting concentration
Completely relaxed 1 ml flowery, enveloping reassuring
Share happiness 1 ml light, cheerful mood-lifting, "happy-maker"
Sunny winter 1 ml bright, warm, woody Moody, "Lightbringer"

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