Oil Pulling

This Oil Pulling treatment for oral comfort combines the valuable knowledge of Aromatherapy with the teachings of Ayurveda in an effective formula.  The result is a purifying, organic quality composition.  Precious Sesame, Coconut and Sallow Thorn oil interact with the natural essential oils Spearmint, Ginger, Cardamom and Lemon.  Daily oil pulling enhances dental and oral health.


An oil pulling cure is a kind of "mouthwash" with vegetable oil. The Ayurveda practice is applied to an empty stomach in the morning, before brushing your teeth. Some experts recommend tongue cleaning before oil pulling.

Put 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth, move it and pull it through your teeth. The recommended duration is approx. 20 minutes. During oil pulling, the oil in the mouth becomes thinner over time and turns into a milky liquid. Then spit the oil into a paper towel, dispose of it over household waste and rinse the mouth with water. Brush your teeth as usual.

Leading plants & effect

  • SPEARMINT BIO - The clear, cleansing oil brings a fresh touch and is softer than peppermint oil. For a fresh breath.
  • GINGER BIO - The essential oil of ginger root is mild and skin-friendly. It smells spicy-fruity. In mixtures, it has a mentally stabilizing and balancing effect.
  • LEMON BIO - Essential lemon oil promotes freshness, cheerfulness and mental clarity and is the epitome of cleanliness and purity.
  • KARDAMOM BIO - The harmonious scent of cardamom is inextricably linked to the Orient and India. The oil creates relaxation and peace. The oil is mild to mucous membranes, which is why it is traditionally often used for oral care.
  • SESAME OIL BIO - The golden yellow oil has a long tradition in Ayurveda, the holistic medicine of India. It strengthens and warms the immune system.
  • COCONUT OIL BIO - The oil is known for its antibacterial effect.
  • SAND DOR FRUIT OIL ORGANIC - The orange-red, fruity-tasting oil counteracts skin damage and regenerates the skin. It strengthens the skin's own protective barrier and gives the skin new strength.

Why should you take time to pull oil?
10 to 20 minutes - The time you should invest in oil pulling. And preferably daily, so that positive changes occur. Ideal are 20 minutes. During the oil pulling cure, the oil in the mouth mixes with saliva and absorbs microorganisms. The oil you spit out after this time is of completely different color and consistency compared to the condition of the oil at the beginning of oil pulling.

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