Naturally refreshing oral care

For instant freshness and a refreshed breath after brushing your teeth.  Natural cleansing of the oral flora with the power of 100% pure natural essential oils of Spearmint and Lemon in organic quality.  Complete your daily care routine and protect your oral health naturally.


After each brushing of teeth. Shake the bottle before use. For easy and practical filling of the integrated dosing attachment, gently squeeze the bottle. Let the ready-to-use mouthwash rise to the mark. Place the bottle directly on the mouth, rinse with the contents for 30 seconds and spit it out. The mouthwash can be applied directly undiluted.

Leading plants & effect


  • SPEARMINT BIO - The clear, cleansing oil brings a fresh touch and is softer than peppermint oil. For a fresh breath.
  • LEMON BIO - Promotes freshness, cheerfulness and mental clarity and is the epitome of cleanliness and purity.
  • RAVINTSARA BIO - A skin-friendly essential oil with a wide range of effects when the immune defense is weakened.


Active ingredients


  • LACTIC ACID - Used to adjust the pH value as well as for natural preservation.
  • SODIUM LEVULINAT - Has antimicrobial effect and serves natural preservation.
  • SODIUM ANESATE - Has antimicrobial effect and serves natural preservation.
  • XYLITOL (birch sugar) - Is a sugar substitute. Compared to conventional sugar, xylitol does not attack the teeth. Rather: It works against caries (inhibits caries-forming bacteria).
  • PENTYLENE GYLCOL - Moisturizes with antimicrobial properties.
  • BETAINE - Has a conditioning and moisture effect.
  • COCO GLUCOSIDE - A sugar surfactant that is suitable for mild cleansing and good skin compatibility.

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