Macadamia Nut Carrier Oil (organic)


(Macadamia ternifolia)

Country of Origin: Kenya

Oil Quality:  Certified Organic

Method of Extraction:  Cold-pressed

Macadamia Nut Oil is a pleasant choice for a massage oil because of its faint, slightly nutty aroma and its high content of nourishing, monounsaturated fatty acids.  This organic carrier oil is extremely hydrating and protective for the skin without being greasy.


  • Contains high levels of monounsaturated fats that can reduce LDL levels without lowering HDL levels, when taken internally
  • Rich in skin-nourishing vitamins and nutrients
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Slows down signs of aging
  • Can be used in salad dressings when a nutty flavor is desired

Suggested Uses:

  • For wrinkles, mix 1/2 tsp Organic Macadamia Nut Oil with 1 drop Frankincense and 1 drop Vetiver essential oils and apply lightly to face after cleansing.

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