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Hand hygiene sis considered one of the most important measures to protect yourself.  The freshly scented Hand Comfort Hand Sanitizer Spray with anitmicrobially effective bio-alcohol cleans and cares the skin evenly and reliably.  The 100% natural essential oils, especially Manuka oil, as well as organic floral waters are known for their powerful protective, cleansing and skin-soothing effect.  Thus the spray offers a clean skin feeling, either if you are at home or on the go.


  • MANUKA is known for its protective properties when environmental stresses make us more and more thin-skinned.  With its balancing properties, it strengthens the mental defenses and is vey kind to the skin.  It helps the skin become more resistant.
  • THYME THYMOL has proven itself in the cold and flu season.  The clarifying, cleansing effect is one of the oil's defining characteristics.
  • LITSEA is similar to essential lemongrass oil in its effect, but is characterized by its fresh, citrusy fragrance.  It refreshes and invigorates, but also has a cleansing and nourishing effect on the skin.
  • ROSE WATER of the Damask rose is a true all-rounder.  The lovely rose water caresses the skin and harmonizes the senses in a matter of seconds.  The skin-friendly hydrolate preserves the skin's natural moisture.
  • MYRTLE WATER is used in naturopathy for skin problems. It has a clarifying purifying, and calming effect.


Shake well before use.  Spray onto hand and rub throughly until the spray is absorbed.  Use several times a day.

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