Gift Set Beauty Elixir Wild Rose Oil


Drop by drop a beauty elixir for your skin.

Refine cold pressed organic rosehip oil with fragrant, essential rose geranium oil and pamper yourself with your very personal and intensively regenerating face care oil. It combines the smoothing and moisturizing ingredients of cold-pressed, natural rosehip oil with the warm rosy-floral scented essential oil of geranium with its balancing effect on skin and psyche.

  • Cold-pressed organic care oil: "Wild Rose Oil bio", 30 ml Has intensive skin regenerating, smoothing and moisturizing. For every skin type, especially suitable for dry, flaky, tired and demanding skin. Its exceptional fatty acid spectrum makes it an effective oil for scar care.
  • Rosehip oil is also used as an ingredient in oil blends for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy, as it promotes skin elasticity. Pure natural, essential oil: "Geranium geranium", 5 ml The warm rosy-floral scented essential oil of geranium gives balance and balance for skin and psyche. It has a harmonizing effect and is especially kind to the skin. For skin regeneration and well-tolerated, daily skin care, it has a regulating effect on all skin needs.

Noble pipette with glass tube

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