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Aroma Moment for Activity

The active oil with aromatic green fragrance profile based on valuable organic arnica and organic St. John's wort oil nourishes the skin after physical activities, e.g. B. for sore muscles and tension. In combination with a massage, the muscles are relaxed and regenerated. The blood circulation of the skin is stimulated and a pleasant warming effect develops.

Physical resilience and endurance, whether in everyday exercise or competitive sports, stands or falls with the balance between stress and regeneration. The body can only build up its performance if a conscious regeneration phase also takes place after physical exertion or the respective training session. However, this does not mean resting motionlessly on the sofa. Only an actively designed regeneration phase ultimately leads to success. The right training plan or conscious change between physical activity and rest, healthy nutrition and active recovery measures play an important role. An active recovery measure is, for example, an aromatherapeutic massage to support muscle regeneration and relieve possible tension. The plant power of 100% natural essential oils and organic care oils actively supports the effect of the massage.

Massage tool

Very handy and versatile. For the effective relaxation of stressed muscle areas. Made of beech wood from sustainable forestry.

Leading plants & effect

  • St. John's wort oil organic proven skin massage oil for tense muscles and painful joints
  • Arnica oil organic known as warming joint & muscle oil that supports a soothing massage for sore muscles, muscle strain, muscle tension
  • Juniper organic traditional medicinal plant for muscle complaints
  • Pepper organic proven essential oil for circulation-promoting massages of the skin
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